Bike Ride 2013 - Day 2
Whitsett, PA to Confluence, PA - 42 miles

Greenway Sojourn 2013 - Day 2

map courtesy of the Great Allegheny Passage website

We rise early, so we can go to the free yoga class at 6:30 AM. It felt great to be guided through a series of gentle stretching exercises to prepare our bodies for a second day of riding.

  • Eat breakfast
  • Pack up our belongings and put our bags on the transport truck
  • We're on our bikes a few minutes before 9:00 AM.
  • The day's ride takes us through a much more rural part of Pennsylvania. Most of the ride goes through the Ohiopyle State Park.
  • The trail is shaded most of the way - good thing, too, because it's another hot day.
  • We are on one side of the Youghiogheny River (Yough, for short - (pronounced Yoke)) most of the day.
  • We can hear trains rolling through the area on the other side of the river.
  • The day's ride of 42 miles takes us from an elevation of 800' above sea level to just over 1300'.
  • We stop for a rest at the 14-mile mark for some excellent ice cream!
GAP Trail at our ice cream stop

The Great Allegheny Passage rail trail at our ice cream stop

  • Lunch is in Ohiopyle, PA at the 32-mile mark of the day at a local bar next to the Wilderness Voyageurs' store - great burrito bar!
  • A thunderstorm rolls through, so we wait under the porch at the Wilderness Voyageurs store next to the lunch stop.
  • It doesn't last long and we're on our way to finish the last 10 miles of the day's ride.
  • We finally roll into the campsite a little after 4:30 PM.
  • We're camped in two large fields at the back of a public campground in Confluence, PA where the Yough River, the Casselman River and Laurel Hill Creek converge.
  • We pick out our tent side, get our bags, pitch our tent.
  • After we wash up, we hop back on our bikes to ride about a mile to the center of Confluence for a dinner catered by the local volunteer fire department. Spaghetti and marinara sauce never tasted so good.
  • Back to the camp site for showers and bed.

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