Keshet Tanakh formatted texts

Keshet Tanakh is the brand name for the project to reformat Torah, Haftarah and prayer texts for an easier Hebrew reading experience.

This project is an off-shoot of Linda Sue's master's thesis entitled, "New Orthographic Methods For Teaching Novice Hebrew Readers". This project demonstrates how specially formatted Hebrew texts can mitigate challenges faced by beginner Hebrew readers, of all ages and abilities, in areas such as syllabification and phrasing. The format employs:

  • advantageous font choice and point size
  • extra horizontal space between phrases, words and syllables
  • extra vertical space between lines
  • distinct visual representations for sheva na' and sheva nach
  • distinct visual representation for kamatz gadol and kamatz katan
  • verse numbers rendered in both Hebrew and Hindu-Arabic numbers
  • a carriage return before the beginning of each verse
  • no carriage returns in the middle of a cantillation phrase

Using DavkaWriter 7 (a popular Hebrew word processing program), Linda Sue wrote a series of macros (small computer programs) to reformat the entire corpus of Torah text and all of the Haftarot. These reformatted source texts can be used in a variety of teaching and learning environments:

  • B'nei Mitzvah training
  • prayer recitation practice
  • Hebrew text study

Results of this project showed how better formatting of text improves Hebrew reading fluency and accuracy for both typical students and individuals with special needs.

Click here to download samples of the project.

Use the menus above to download Keshet Tanakh texts for Torah, Haftarah, Megillah and T'fillah texts. Contact Hazzan Linda Sue Sohn with any questions or concerns.