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Keshet Te'amim color-coded flash cards are designed to have each "legal" trop phrase combination on its own flash card. Keshet Te'amim cards are perfect for teaching and learning cantillation lessons by trop phrase family (siluk, etnachta, zakef, etc.). The cards are conveniently color-coded: blue for 'siluk' phrases; yellow for 'etnachta' phrases; green for 'zakeif' phrases; etc.

Keshet Te'amim cards are great for learning ta'am (trop) symbols.
(sample card front)
(sample card front)
And the ta'am (trop) names are provided on the back of each card in both Hebrew and English transliteration.
(sample card back)
(sample card back)

Keshet Te'amim cards:

Keshet Te'amim cards are available for purchase in two sizes.
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Keshet Te'amim Tunes

Keshet Te'amim - Haftarah Tunes
- Etnachta Phrases


Use the recordings below to learn how to chant the various possible Etnachta phrases in Haftarah trop.

To select another trop phrase family, use the menus above.

The recordings are chanted according to the Te'amim (trop) tunes in "Chanting the Hebrew Bible" by Josh Jacobson.

Etnachta Tipp'cha

Haftarah Motif - Etnachta Tipp'cha
Etnachta Tipp'cha Mer'kha

Haftarah Motif - Etnachta Tipp'cha Mer'kha
Etnachta Munach Tipp'cha

Haftarah Motif - Etnachta Munach Tipp'cha
Etnachta Munach Tipp'cha Mer'kha

Haftarah Motif - Etnachta Munach Tipp'cha Mer'kha